Sensory Motor Fun in the Snow


Few things compare to the opportunities for a fun workout than playing in the snow. Get the kids outside and get moving and then warm up with a large mug of hot chocolate. Exercise is beneficial for all children, but has additional benefits for children with sensory processing disorders, low tone and anxiety disorders. In […]

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Three Simple Ways to Make a Weighted Blanket


“It’s 11 pm and you’ve gone into your child’s room for the 5th time. You stay calm, you rub his back AGAIN, tell him to look at the stars painted on the ceiling and to just try to sleep. After nights of yelling, punishing, bribing and begging you realize in your frustration that he is […]

5 Ways to Use Wrapping Paper for Sensory Diets


No matter what your faith tradition, it seems that at this is the time of year wrapping paper is ubiquitous. Instead of tossing your torn pieces out, try looking at them with an eye for sensory diet fun. Today’s Challenge: Wrapping paper Original Purpose: Wrapping gifts With Sensory Savvy Lenses: Free tools for fine motor, […]

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The Essentials for a Sensory-Friendly Learning Environment


Many children with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) and other isms find it easier to study at home rather than in public school. For these children, school can be a scary place not only because of the different kinds of stimulation that they worry will make them feel bad, but also because it is very different from […]

Long Summer Vacation? Top 10 Ways to Maintain Your Student’s Attention!

ball in a box picture

One of the most difficult transitions in the school system is coming back from summer vacation! Most likely your students have been staying up late, sleeping in, had limited structure, and doing new and exciting things. Now they are going to be required to sit and learn in a structured environment. Try to allow for […]

6 Strategies for Surviving a Nursing Home Visit with Your Child


What do you do when you have both a child with sensory challenges and a friend or relative in a nursing home? Short of ignoring one to attend to the other, you strategize.  In order to experience the most successful nursing home visit together that you can, don your Sensory Savvy lenses and rise to […]

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Scooter Board Activities for the Home


When people come over to our house for the first time, they are usually a little surprised. Our family room looks like a crazy Romper Room, filled with swings, (including a , , and ), and the kids’ favorites: the , , and a . My family owns many, many pieces of therapy equipment. Since […]

Bowling for Strengthening, Coordination and Much More


Bowling is a wonderful sensory activity for kids.  It offers heavy work, motor planning, strengthening, and visual motor planning.  My boys LOVE to go bowling, but we can’t always make it to the bowling alley. So now, with the following idea, we can get creative and do a bit of “batty bowling” right in our […]

Gear Up for Summer with Sensory Fun


Get ready for summertime and plan some sensory fun for you and your child. If you live in Oregon where I live, then summer took its sweet time to get here and is still trying to make up its mind. If you live in the south where my family lives, you may have already had […]

20 Proprioceptive Input Ideas for Home and School

Weighted Belt

The proprioceptive system is input received through receptors in the joints and muscles with movement and heavy work. When these receptors are activated, body awareness is improved and the person knows where his/her body is in space. Children who tend to crave proprioceptive input: may overstuff their mouth with food; tend to give hard high […]

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