Parents: Are you Sensory Defensive with a Sensory Seeking Child?

Parental Sensory Overwhelm

We often work with families where there is a significant mismatch between one or both parents and their child. Understanding not only how their child experiences the world, but also how they do is the first step towards creating a more harmonious home life for everyone. Are You Sensitive and/or a Significant Introvert? Do loud […]

Vacations and Tips for Traveling with Your Sensitive Child

Sensory Travel Kids

In Traveling with a Sensory Seeking Child we explored strategies to support your child on vacation if he or she is a sensory seeker, but what if your child is sensitive, more of a sensory avoider. Some children have nervous systems that are easily overwhelmed. They may demonstrate sensory defensiveness and/or poor sensory regulation/modulation. As […]

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Traveling with a Sensory Seeking Child


Holiday break is just around the corner and many are planning vacations.  If you have a child with a sensory processing disorder and/or other isms, extra planning can help make the experience more successful and less stressful for everyone. When you plan your vacation, think about your child’s sensory needs and how they respond to […]

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Sensory Integration Experiences through Art

Too Much Glue

Art can be a great way for kids with special isms to get sensory experiences they crave and enjoy.   It can also be a good place for children with sensory integration challenges to be introduced to new materials and develop a stronger tolerance for various materials. Ideas For Kids Who Love Sensory Experiences Tape  Some […]

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Keep Exercise Alive During the School Year


The summer is speeding by and before we know it the first day of school will be here. Children face many transitions at the beginning of the school year. One lesser thought of transition is the dramatic shift between the amount of exercise children get over the summer compared to the typical school schedule. Transitioning […]

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4 Steps to Discovering Happiness with a Sensory-Defensive Child

sensory defensive

Suppose that you are in my class and I am sharing some vital information with you. Now, also suppose that I have dropped a spider down the back of your shirt, where he is to remain for the next hour. I assure you that he is not poisonous and that you should just ignore him. […]

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Creating Sensory Diets at Home


Children with sensory processing disorder/differences (SPD) are often at the mercy of their environment. Our goal as their parents, teachers and therapists is to provide the sensory experiences they need in order to stay well regulated. Sensory input can alert us (examples: roller coaster, coffee, rock music) or help calm us (examples: rocking, massage, soft […]

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A High Intensity Sport May Suit Your Child’s Needs


Sports can be a wonderful experience for kids. In addition to the obvious physical exercise, there are many benefits. Children learn responsibility and commitment, while having  fun. They can also develop teamwork and leadership skills. Physical activity can help alleviate stress, something many of our children need. Selecting an appropriate sport for children with “invisible” […]

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Identify Your Child’s Sensory Needs


If you think your child has possible sensory issues or Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), then you need to get your pediatrician to refer you to an Occupational Therapist (OT)–preferably an outpatient/clinic based therapist that is qualified in Sensory Integration therapy. That therapist can give you (the parent/caregiver) a questionnaire to fill out to gather information […]

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Use these Steps to Tease Apart Discipline or Sensory Issues


Is this behavior a discipline issue or a sensory one? This is the dilemma that so many parents face after learning that their child has a sensory processing disorder or difference. The short answer is: If the behavior does not respond to disciplinary or behavioral techniques, think sensory. Better yet, first analyze behaviors from a […]

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