7 Micro-Business Ideas to Help Transition into Adulthood

dog walking business

Statistics reveal a growing number of Americans aging out of Adult Transition Programs in local school districts creating an avalanche of ill-prepared individuals seeking suitable “post-school district” programs or opportunities.  Some statistics show that 90% of adults on the autism spectrum are unemployed which is an astounding figure. Many schools are unsure how to properly […]

5 Ways to Win Your Kids Heart on Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Fun

Valentine’s Day might evoke enjoyable past memories of exchanging Valentine’s cards with loved ones, playing party games and enjoying delicious food. However, for some, simply the idea of any special holiday can conjure up memories of anxious social situations, sensory nightmares and unsavory unfamiliar foods. I think it’s time to “take back” this holiday! Start […]

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6 Tips to Prepare Now for Transition to Adulthood

adult transitions

Many times when we ring in a new year, we make resolutions. We start new diets, exercise regularly, read more, etc. and “resolve” to due better in these areas of our life. Although statistics confirm that the majority of resolutions are broken rather quickly, it’s still important to make an effort to consider some positive […]

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Social Skills Groups – 5 and 6 year-olds

Social Skills 2

This is the third post in a series designed to discuss social cognition groups for children aged 3-8. The first, titled Social Skills Groups 101 by Karen Head M.S. CCC-SLP shared the fundamental components of successful social skills groups (from our perspective). The sequential post highlighted groups for 3 and 4 year olds  as well […]

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2014 Vision Boards – Creative Goal Setting with Kids


The kids are off to school soon and a new year is upon us. What to do now that the presents are all opened? How about making a vision board with your kids? A vision board is a collage of pictures, words, affirmations, goals and anything you would like to achieve or receive. Better than […]

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Learning Independence – Personal Perspective

Mail - Independence

Learning to become independent is a very important skill for all people, but can sometimes be an even more complicated skill for individuals with special-isms. The one thing to remember is not to compare your child to other children, they are who they are. Let your child be as independent as they can or are […]

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Creating Friend Files – a Tool for Social Integration and Communication

Friend Files

In a recent article, I focused on perspective taking, a tool for success focusing on Michelle Garcia Winner’s social behavior map teaching our kids visually and cognitively how to have empathy. Creating friend files is another strategy she created to facilitate interactive perspective taking.  Initiating conversations can be challenging for many children with various isms. […]

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Is a Special Interest Becoming an Obsession Impacting Daily Life?

minecraft - special interest

Co-Authored with Erica Ciarciello, B.S, 2011 graduate of Keene State College in New Hampshire with a Bachelor’s of Science in Elementary Education and Psychology. She has been working as a Social Coach for the past two years at the Social Learning Center.  We all have things that we love to think and talk about.  For […]

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Teach Empathy – a Tool for Success


According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, the meaning of empathy is “the experiencing as one’s own of the feelings of another” a great tool to have in your toolbox for success.  When I taught first grade several years ago, the one rule in my classroom was the golden rule; treat others the way you would […]

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Tips for Working Towards Goals


I have been on a journey as an autism advocate for the last two years now. I have learned so much about myself, about autism, and so many other things while I have been on this journey. But I am going to come straight out and say that there have been bumps in the road […]

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