Activities to Help With Nonverbal Communication


As my daughter approached the age of four, I realized that her social skills were not developing as I had hoped. Her home-based program adequately addressed many important skills, but the social ones seemed to be lagging behind. I started to look for solutions. At this time a wonderful ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) Consultant became […]

4 Free Resources to Help Develop Your Child’s Social Skills


Many children with special needs experience difficulties with their social life.  These problems can continue through adulthood and cause a person much grief. It is important to understand why your child may be rejected so that you can help her develop the skills necessary for friendships. Impulsivity, aggression, academic problems, inattention, and bad behavior can […]

Make Your Child Laugh: The Developmental Stages of Humor


Many children with special needs have problems with friendships. The problems can surround not understanding nonverbal communication, to not being able to identify emotions, to confusion over humor and more. One thing we know for sure is that a life without friendships and human connections is a very lonely life. Humor is Good Among Friends […]

Emotional Interpretation of Children with Special Needs


Parents of children with special needs and particularly parents of children on the autism spectrum, are often led to believe that their child has “no emotions or no empathy”. Unfortunately, this is a stereotype based on the beliefs of unobservant people, and one which has been perpetuated by the media in stories, fictitious films and articles. […]

Getting the Hang of Social Timing, Part 3


Social interactions and conversations are a bit like a balancing act.  Ideally, no one participant will take up too much “talking time” and no one participant will be left out.  For many, this sense of balance or social timing is intuitive, but for others it is not.  In the first two posts of this series, […]

Understanding Body Language as a Form of Communication


Many people who experience difficulties in communication are not sending or receiving nonverbal cues correctly. They do not always understand that body gestures impart meaning by adding to a statement, emphasizing a thought, or supplying meaning on their own. Therefore, reading a simple shoulder shrug which indicates the meaning of “I don’t know” goes unidentified […]

Music as a Nonverbal Form of Communication


As we explore the field of Music Therapy, it’s important to understand how to incorporate this treatment into your child’s life. The use of Music Therapy is a unique application of music to enhance personal lives, by creating positive changes in human behavior. The Benefits of Music Having said the above, I would like to […]

Tips On Teasing


Has your child ever felt hurt by other children at school? Has your child been teased about appearance or ability? What about being left out or excluded from a lunch group or conversation? Does your child overreact to a peer’s facial expression, comment, or action? Our children’s social world includes teasing, and how our children […]

Dogs Who Teach Social Skills


I’ve met some pretty amazing dogs in my life and we have one in our family. His name is Huck and he is a full-size Labradoodle. But the dogs who participate in the K-9 Club Autism program at Austin Dog Alliance in Austin, TX are as special as they come. They are teaching my son […]

Drill, Baby, Drill!


Drill, baby, drill! That can be the first instinct when you are a parent of a child with a communication or language disorder.  When that child is nonverbal and you so desparately want that child to be verbal.  To talk. When J-man was still nonverbal, I dreamed about hearing him say even the most mundane […]

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