Solitary or Onlooker Play: Toys and Tips for Children from Birth to Two Years


Children in the early years are not sure how to regulate themselves and they may need a parent available for emotional support in order for a child to learn empathy, boundaries and appropriate social interactions. The way you treat your family and friends is what your child will imitate, not what you tell your child […]

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Playing is Serious Business – Discover How to Make it Fun


Do you remember playing with friends when you were a child?  The winter time snow storms where all of the kids on the street were jumping in the highest snow banks. Then afterwards everyone would gather inside for hot chocolate. Conversely, in the summertime there always seemed to be someone around to jump into the sprinkler with […]

Importance of Relationship and Engagement


It’s the New Year and everyone is trying to set their New Year’s Resolution and try to figure out how to stick with it. They are also trying to recover from the holidays and the shopping, lights and toys. Your child is probably playing with all their new toys, or at least the one favorite […]

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