Bug Spray: An Herbal Solution for the Child Who is Hyper-Allergic


Lots of children (and adults) are hyper-allergic to many products. Parents have to use caution when using any type of skin products on them. Some children even exhibit an allergic response to bug bites. The swelling can get bad enough that parents need to administer benedryl to control the histamine response.  A few ant bites […]

Natural Remedy to Soothe Sunburn

Sunburn Soother

Summer is certainly here! As I write this post, we are looking at an incoming record breaking heat wave in our area.  We have two fair-skinned Irish lads and load them up with sunscreen if we will be out and about in the sun.  At times, we just miss a spot, other times we are […]

Considering Natural Botanicals for Sleep?

Sleep Deprivation is a monumental issue for many families living with autism spectrum disorder. Not only is the child impacted by the lack of required sleep, but the parent who stays up with the child is equally impacted. Exasperated parents have certainly tried just about everything…but maybe there is something that you have yet to […]

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