What Color is Your Child’s Aura?

Credit: BalancingChakras.org

You may have heard the term chakra but what are chakras and how are they related to your health? Most energy healing modalities are based around the seven main chakras of the body. As a Reiki Master and energy healer, I have come to know them well. Energy Centers The chakras are energy centers that […]

Eight Anxiety Reducing Ideas to Add to Your Bag of Tricks


In one of our recent articles, Two Stress Reducing Ideas for Home and School by Jean Myles, you will find multiple suggestions to reduce anxiety in the discussion. Below are some explanations to add to your “Bag of Tricks”. Deep Breathing Encourage your child to breathe in through their nose and out through their mouth. […]

Crystals & Stones: Helping a Variety of Isms

rose quartz

Have you ever noticed how much children love rocks? Well, you can use that love and help your child at the same time. Crystals and stones have incredible energy and each stone has different properties that can help for every possible condition you can imagine. Crystals Bring Change, Really? When I was first told that […]

Anxiety Reduction Through Energy Healing

Energy Healing

At the very elemental level, everything we see, feel, hear, taste, touch or experience is made up of energy. This of course includes our bodies. In a previous article, I introduced the chakras, or energy centers, that we all have. So, why are the chakras important? Because we are all made up of energy. If […]

Can Spiritually Intuitive Services Support Your Family?

Service Reviewed by Tiffani Lawton Over the years, Julie McAllister has grown into her intuitive gifts and now offers spiritual readings to special needs families with one desire: to provide answers. “Many families have questions about their child’s future, money, health and are seeking spiritual guidance.” Julie’s goal is to “empower the family to move […]

The Amazing Power of Energy Healing with a Splash of Divine Networking


As this past January came to a close, Jen’s son, Johnny began to limp. A visit to the doctor prompted an x-ray of the hip of which revealed no injury. However, only two weeks later, Johnny was unable to walk. He was admitted to the hospital where he spent two weeks undergoing testing. The results? […]

Excess Electronic Energy: A Sleep Culprit?

by Tiffani Lawton, RN Are you aware that electronic devices emit invisible electromagnetic radiation that can act as a stimulant to people who are sensitive? Dr. Debra Greene Suggests:  Create at least a 3-foot safety zone around the bed that is free of electronics of any kind including the alarm clock, cell phone, and lamps. […]

Healing Hands

by Julie McAllister, Reiki Master Healing Hands One day, last summer, my husband had started the BBQ pit. Despite having been told hundreds of times to not touch the BBQ pit when Daddy was cooking, my oldest son, age 5 at the time, proceeded to walk up to it and place the bottom of his […]

The Foundation of Discovery: The Cause of Autism – Channeled

by Julie McAllister, Reiki Master I have been fascinated by the psychic and spirit world for years. Apparently, I’m not the only one as shows about psychics and spirits have been popping up on television the last few years. My interest in it has increased this past year through a couple of friends who are […]

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