An iPad is a Great Tool

ipad and apps for special needs

I remember when  first came out. My dad was the first one in my family to get one. I didn’t want one; I felt like it was silly because I had an iPod Touch which could do the same things as the  and was smaller. Well, after playing on my dad’s  more and more I […]

Begin to Teach Feelings Using 3 Basic Tips


A couple of years ago, I sat crying on the sofa with my trusty lab draped across my lap. I can only tell you that I felt extremely elated and somewhat sad because my son left for college. The poor dog didn’t know what to make of me. I was a wreck. How complicated it […]

Enhance Social Skills with Story Telling

Social Stories

JJ, my 22-year-old with ASD, was taught everyday social skills visually as a child through the form of story telling. In 1991, Carol Gray created “Social Stories” as a vehicle to teach social skills to children on the spectrum. Originally fueled by grassroots enthusiasm, she later confirmed this technique as an evidenced-base practice, and earned […]

“Off We Go” Book Series

Avril reading to her son, Stephen.

Many children with autism, Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), and other special needs have difficulty experiencing situations that would seem quite normal to other children. Sounds can be too stimulating, crowds can feel overwhelming, and the unknown just too scary. Carol Gray, Director of The Gray Center for Social Learning and Understanding, developed social stories to […]

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