Enhance Sequencing Skills through Art

Sequencing - Art Therapy

Art can be a fun and different approach for enhancing and developing sequencing skills. While the process of creating art involves free expression it also requires the very concrete execution of sequencing tasks to achieve it. This is the beauty and the complexity of the creative process. Planning and Prioritizing During the beginning phase of […]

Teach Social Skills Through Group Art

Group Art - Social Skills

Sharing social experiences is where we all start to connect and make friends. This is a natural process in life. Sometimes finding ways for these opportunities to happen for children with various isms can be a challenge.  An art group can offer a great way to create a social event and give kids an opportunity […]

Simple Household Materials for Sensory Art-based Activities

Colored Rice - Art Therapy

Very often, my goals as an art therapist will focus on the creative expression in developing the child’s imagination, communication and socialization skills. These are all areas that the child with isms is working on in school, home and other therapies.  However, sometimes art can simply be used in a more non-directed way and purely […]

The Complimentary Practices of Occupational Therapy and Yoga

Yoga and OT

As the practices of both Yoga and Occupational Therapy (OT) evolve in our modern culture, the two disciplines find themselves walking along the same path toward health and wellness. While the tradition of Yoga reaches back 5,000 years into antiquity, the profession of Occupational Therapy began to evolve more recently out of a growing awareness […]

It’s Youth Art Month: How to Celebrate Your Artist

Showcase Art

“Youth Art Month (YAM) is an annual observance each March to emphasize the value of art and art education for all children and to encourage public support for quality school art programs. Art Education develops self-esteem, appreciation of the work of others, self-expression, cooperation with others, and critical thinking skills. All of these skills are […]

7 Family Fun Indoor Activities

Bowling - Strength

I know spring is right around the corner but for some people when the snow is still on the ground, it means downhill skiing, sledding, and snowmobiling. Others, however, aren’t as eager to head out into the snow. Some children with sensory issues may find it challenging to tolerate the cold, texture of the snow […]

Mardi Gras Craft Ideas Fit for A King or Queen

Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras is a French phrase for Fat Tuesday, more formally known as Shrove Tuesday. This is the holiday to celebrate and eat like a glutton because the following day is Ash Wednesday, marking the beginning of Lent. During Lent, Christians give up something they enjoy (usually a favorite food) for 40 days leading up […]

Strike a Pose, Breathe Deep – Obtain Attuned Classroom

Yoga in the Classroom

Trying to teach kids who are distracted, disruptive or daydreaming isn’t fun or effective. But with a packed schedule and a tight curriculum, what is a teacher to do? As a yoga teacher of course I’m going to say, “Yoga!”, but let me tell you why. At first it may seem there’s no time to […]

Yoga in the Classroom = Students Ready to Learn

Mountain Pose - Sensory

Teachers have the honor and unique perspective of working within a space where each child and the teacher, are working towards similar goals. These goals include but are not limited to learning and meeting or exceeding classroom expectations. What makes the classroom so unique is that each child is navigating their own levels of regulation […]

Sensory Diet = Yoga Throughout Your Day

sensory yoga

The goal of a sensory diet is to incorporate movement and sensory based activities throughout the day in order to promote regulation. Each sensory diet includes activities, designed by an occupational therapist, to provide input throughout the day to alert, calm, and organize the sensory systems. As adults, we have found ways to incorporate this […]

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