A Dramatic Approach


All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women  They have their exits and  their entrances, And one man in his time  plays many parts… ..William Shakespeare Life is like a stage; for what comes naturally for the neurotypical person, must be learned and rehearsed for those on the spectrum. It’s like a […]

“Can Acting Classes Help A Child on the Spectrum?” Part Two

by Louise Sattler My last post was about children on the spectrum venturing out in to theater or acting for camera. I truly believe after working with children as a school psychologist and also witnessing children on professional sets that many children on the spectrum could benefit from acting. Of course, this activity is not […]

“Can Acting Classes Help A Child on the Spectrum?” Part One

by Louise Sattler I know a little bit about childhood actors and their families. Our daughter, Natasha has been acting it seems from the womb, but has been making a living doing so since she was twelve. It is through her experiences that I have met a multitude of families with working actors and those […]

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