7 Family Fun Indoor Activities

Bowling - Strength

I know spring is right around the corner but for some people when the snow is still on the ground, it means downhill skiing, sledding, and snowmobiling. Others, however, aren’t as eager to head out into the snow. Some children with sensory issues may find it challenging to tolerate the cold, texture of the snow […]

Sensory Motor Fun in the Snow


Few things compare to the opportunities for a fun workout than playing in the snow. Get the kids outside and get moving and then warm up with a large mug of hot chocolate. Exercise is beneficial for all children, but has additional benefits for children with sensory processing disorders, low tone and anxiety disorders. In […]

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Gain Sensory Input During Family Time

exercise 1

No matter the motivation behind increasing physical activity, success will be had if you get the whole family moving together.  The more a family can build movement into their daily schedule, the more the children will develop that habit for the rest of their lives.  They say that a body in motion stays in motion, […]

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Keep Exercise Alive During the School Year


The summer is speeding by and before we know it the first day of school will be here. Children face many transitions at the beginning of the school year. One lesser thought of transition is the dramatic shift between the amount of exercise children get over the summer compared to the typical school schedule. Transitioning […]

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Integrated Movement Therapy for Sensory Integration


When my son’s preschool teacher informed me that she was doing yoga exercises with her students during the school day, I was intrigued. She told me that she had heard great things about how yoga can help kids with Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder. The more I researched it, the more it made sense to […]

Danceland, Fun Songs & Activities to Improve Sensory Skills

OT’s and PT’s, are you looking for an excellent musical resource to add to your collection of therapeutic tools? Parents and educators, have you been searching for multi-cultural songs to use for the music and movement portions of your children’s days? Then, Danceland: Fun Songs & Activities to Improve Sensory Skills is it. Developed by […]

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