Music Therapy and Fun Rhythm Games

Jazz for Kids

The two main components of a musical rhythm are the beat/pulse and the rhythmic unit. They both appear repeatedly in almost every piece of music. The pulse is simple and repeats in a continuous sequence from beginning to end, while the rhythmic unit is a little bit more complicated as it is a note-pattern that […]

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May the Holidays Ring Out with Musical Benefits

musical benefits

With the holidays just around the corner, many children and parents are thinking about celebrations and gifts.  As you do, I encourage you to think about music. Holiday concerts provide a great opportunity to introduce your child to music (with, of course, a few prior considerations made for keeping sensory overload at bay).  They also […]

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Handwriting and Music: The Strong Correlation


How many of us can remember the endless and tedious penmanship exercises we had to endure learning to write cursive? We sat for hours practicing our loops, swirls, circles, etc., sometimes being allowed to use a pen, but at other times only a pencil, until we developed enough skill. If only we had been allowed […]

9 Therapeutic Benefits of Learning Music through Movement

dancing children

Music and movement can be key parts of a regular sensory diet. Learning music through movement is at the foundation of the Dalcroze Eurhythmics. Emile Jaques Dalcroze, (1865-1950) was a Swiss music educator who believed that experiencing music with our body leads us to a greater musical development. Dalcroze emphasized that children and adults perform […]

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5 Things You Should Be Doing–But Aren’t–to Enhance Your ABA Program


Recently I had lunch with my friend Jess. It was good to see her, as always. Jess and I have known each other for years. We worked together at a clinical center that specialized in autism. Maybe because she was a parent of a child with autism as well as a professional in the field, […]

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Creative Ideas for Using a Recorder During Speech, Part 2


It’s summertime, so how about trying something fun and different with your child, but still with therapeutic benefit. In A Basic Musical Instrumental Provides Many Benefits, Part 1, Orly Zalel provided her professional insights as a music educator about using the recorder and its potential benefits to children. In this second part of the article, […]

A Basic Musical Instrument Provides Many Benefits, Part 1


It’s summertime, so how about trying something fun and different with your child, but still with therapeutic benefit. We have professional insights from a music educator and a speech therapist about using the recorder, a basic instrument, to provide benefits for your child. Read on… Selecting a Musical Instrument Orly Zalel is a developmental musician, music […]

Learn to Implement Music to Address Areas of Deficit

music and special needs

I was the kid who knew every song on the radio.  My astute father, my songwriting mentor, once firmly stated, “Now imagine if those lyrics meant something.  Imagine if they could be useful.” In my adult life I found myself staring at the beautiful face of a child with autism–my son–who had a lot of […]

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Playing Handbells to Improve Memory, Communication, and Much More


A set of handbells is an unusual musical instrument, suitable for children of all ages and in various developmental stages. Handbells are bells designed to be rung by hand and are generally played in tuned sets. An experienced handbell choir, or handbell ensemble, rings recognizable music with melodies and harmony. Unlike an orchestra or choir […]

Special Needs and Song Writing


Historically, songwriting has been a very powerful voice for people to share their feelings, their stories, their achievements, their motivations and so much more. It can also provide a great way for children to express strong emotions that come with life’s transitions, such as going back to school.  At this time of year especially, children […]

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