Foundation for Successful Social Skills Groups for Teens

social skills - teenagers

In our practice, we run multiple teen groups on a regular and consistent basis.  Our groups have been successful for our community and I am often asked questions from prospective clients or fellow professionals — “How exactly do you run your social skills groups?” Many often ask how many weeks we offer in a group […]

Solutions for the Struggles of Left-Handed Writers

Left-handed writers benefit from a vertical slant

Left-handed writers can be a menacing force in the classroom when it comes to handwriting instruction!  Their struggles are confusing for teachers and parents and can result in a great deal of stress for the students.  A search of the web can offer some help, but most often very few of the tips or adaptations […]

Treating Speech Problems in Children with Autism

oral placement therapy

Children on the autism spectrum frequently have speech and language disorders with related attention and sensory processing problems. This combination of factors makes speech development and learning particularly complex. Speech and Sensory Systems Speech is one of the most refined fine-motor functions in the body. Several sensory systems need to work together for speech to […]

May is Better Hearing and Speech Month #BHSM

Identify the Signs

This year’s #BHSM theme is “Communication Disorders are Treatable” and the awareness efforts have taken flight all over the web highlighting a new topic each week, including: Newborn hearing screening and follow up Noise-induced hearing loss in children Communication issues related to autism – Language and literacy – coming soon The “Identify the Signs” campaign […]

Language Development: Proactive Parenting from Birth


If you are reading this article, you probably have a child  or work with a child with an “ism” or a challenge.  Yet, when you think about it, everyone has “isms.” I have been a speech-language pathologist (SLP) for over 30 years. I am also a mom and have had two siblings with defined “isms.” […]

Support Kid’s Mental Health #mhblogday

mental health awareness

Mental health: it’s the way your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors affect your life. Having good mental health helps you make better decisions and optimally deal with daily stressors at home, at school, and in your family. Sometimes, you may need help from a professional to take care of your mental health, especially if feelings or […]

Embrace Social Media: Tips to Promote Healthy Social Choices when Logging On

Online Social Skills

This article was co-authored by Samantha Hill, M.S, Erica Ciarciello, B.S. and Erin Malafronte, B.A. All are Clinical Associates of the Social Learning Center and have trained, worked and collaborated with Mr. Abildgaard on effective social cognitive interventions for individuals with social learning challenges. They will be heading a program addressing the social advantages and […]

Three Key Components of Speech and Language Disorders


Many people think of Speech Therapists as people who work with children who have a hard time making speech sounds, like a kid with a ‘lisp’. Language, however, is much more comprehensive than speech sounds, and Speech and Language Pathologists work with clients who have difficulty in many different areas of language. Speech and Language […]

Just Do It! Build Community Integration Skills in Kids with Autism

Community Life Skills

Most of us in the field of autism agree that community integration is important. Whether you’re a parent, a clinician, or an individual on the autism spectrum, being a part of your community means being a valued and contributing member of society. Being recognized and appreciated for your gifts, whatever they might be, is important […]

8 Tips for Selecting an Occupational Therapist to Address your Child’s Sensory Processing Needs


I have been working with children with sensory processing challenges for over thirty years. One of the things that I find most frustrating is meeting families who have received poor therapy services. These parents have tried to obtain help for their child, and have invested time and money with therapy services that at best have […]

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