Three Tips to Make Social Concepts “Click”

lunchroom social skills

Developing “friends” and true “friendships” are processes that take years as well as various experiences. It relies on one having the ability to connect with others on a personal level.  Many of the clients I work with “want” friends and “want” to have that social connection, but fall short when in the moment and in […]

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New Years, Goal Setting and our Learning Style

Goal Setting

It’s that time of year again! My goal for 2014 will be to lose 20 pounds!  That’s a great goal on many levels, but what is my plan for achieving my desired end result?  Sadly the pounds won’t magically disappear no matter how hard I wish for it. So, if I set that goal, how […]

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Treat the “Symptoms” or Treat the “Diagnosis”?


I often get asked how important it is to have a “correct” diagnosis to treat the associated symptoms, since the symptoms of many diagnoses are similar. This comes up frequently in my office regarding treatment of autism spectrum disorders (ASDs), since this is my area of specialization. Focusing on the “Symptoms of Concern” As far […]

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Be Sensory Aware During a Counseling Visit

by Barbara Lester, LCSW In honor of Sensory Awareness Month, let’s focus on how meeting the sensory needs of my clients during a counseling visit. If the counselor that your child sees has an environment that is too overstimulating, you may want to discuss these ideas to see if some changes could be made, at […]

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