Visualize a Better Eater: A Fun Activity for Your Picky Eater

Visual - Picky Eater

Raise your hand if you have a child or have heard a child refuse a food based upon how it looks? Rest assured that you’re not alone. I’ve not only had that experience in my own home but countless times as a clinician. What is it about the look of a food that can set […]

My Child Repeats Everything I Say–Should I be Worried?


When young children begin to speak, they often learn new words by repeating those that they just heard.  This is very typical.  As they begin to build sentences, it is also typical that some of their phrases and simple sentences may be repeated verbatim even if the wording is not applicable to the context. For […]

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Creative Ideas for Using a Recorder During Speech, Part 2


It’s summertime, so how about trying something fun and different with your child, but still with therapeutic benefit. In A Basic Musical Instrumental Provides Many Benefits, Part 1, Orly Zalel provided her professional insights as a music educator about using the recorder and its potential benefits to children. In this second part of the article, […]

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A Basic Musical Instrument Provides Many Benefits, Part 1


It’s summertime, so how about trying something fun and different with your child, but still with therapeutic benefit. We have professional insights from a music educator and a speech therapist about using the recorder, a basic instrument, to provide benefits for your child. Read on… Selecting a Musical Instrument Orly Zalel is a developmental musician, music […]

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Occupational Therapist Gives a “Shout Out” to All Speech Therapists

OT and speech therapy

May is Better Speech and Hearing month and I want to give a shout out to all the Speech Language Pathologist’s (SLP) out there who help our children with so many different issues with expressive and receptive language, pragmatics, swallowing, articulation and more. I have worked with many SLP’s over the years and I really […]

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Talking Train App

talking train

Do you know a child who tells too much information? Goes on and on and on (and on)? Goes off topic? One who doesn’t ask questions of their peers? Can’t put events in order? Can’t create simple stories? Well we know lots of kids that struggle with these skills, and we have developed a tool […]

4 Ways to Move with Articulation Cards

articulation cards

As we move through Better Speech and Hearing Month, I think about how many children with articulation challenges also face sensory ones. While both of these issues can be worked in isolation, they can also be targeted in tandem to add therapeutic interest and fun to a child’s day. Today, let’s put on our Sensory […]

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Using American Sign Language in a MultiSensory Approach to Speech Therapy

ASL multisensory speech therapy

Many speech therapists augment their therapeutic sessions with American Sign Language (ASL). David W. Hammer, M.A., CCC-SLP states, “It is critical in therapy that multisensory cues be used to facilitate sound production and sound sequencing in children with apraxia of speech. By providing multiple cues, the therapist has the opportunity to gradually fade the cues […]

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Do You Work with Children with Language Problems?


Authors Christine Durbin, M.A., CCC-SLP, and Lauren Franke, Psy.D., CCC-SP, through years of work with students with complicated language problems (CLP), have found the right blend of elements needed for a successful intervention and have included them in their new book . This book contains everything necessary to begin instruction immediately! It includes a CD […]

Combining American Sign Language and PECS


“My child’s speech therapist wants to introduce PECS (picture exchange systems) while my ABA lead therapist wants to stick to modified sign language. My child already knows very limited sign language that is unique to my child’s needs. The therapists are arguing that ‘their’ method will lead to faster vocalization. PECS is universal. Where my […]

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