CEUs: Executive Function

CEUs: Executive Function

Are you looking to beef up your knowledge on all things related to Executive Function? Look know further than these comprehensive View On Demand Webinars!  Perfect for parents, teachers and clinicians!

In partnership with Sensational Brain, Special-Ism is now offering continuing education credits through AOTA.  Please select the learning opportunity of your choice below and follow the links for more information.  If you have any questions along the way, please contact us.

Executive Function


Today I would like to talk about self-regulation, because I feel it is a very important topic. Once a person learns how to self-regulate,...
special interest

We all have things that we love to think and talk about.  For example, Chris enjoys to talk about his love for Disney World...
Coffee with Younger Self

Important Lessons... Yep. I was THAT kid. You know, the one who loved every single thing about school. From day one, I was the desk-straightener,...