Help Children Graciously Accept Disappointing Gifts

Unwanted Gifts - BehaviorIt happens quite often, a child wants a cool new game and ends up getting a pair of socks.

If this is your child, especially your child with isms, how might you handle it without embarrassing the gift-giver or your child?

First, prepare.  The best idea is to talk to your kids about the spirit of giving. It is not about the presents we receive, but the thought behind getting a present that really counts.

It is also a good idea to teach your child not to blurt out to the gift-giver that they dislike the present and it’s not what they wanted. Teach them in advance to smile and say thank you.  Practice before parties with role plays or social stories.

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  • smele0208

    In my social skills group I wrapped a box in wrapping paper, cut a hole in the top, and put in little slips of paper with gifts written on them – some cool and some not so cool. Then, after talking about appropriate versus inappropriate responses the students practiced pulling out a strip of paper and responding as if they had just opened that gift! They had a ton of fun with it and we were able to work on appropriate words as well as voice tone, volume, and facial expression!

  • Special-Ism

    Great idea!! Thank you for sharing!