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guided relaxationA relaxed body is healthy, vibrant and feels great. A relaxed mind is creative, powerful and unlimited.  Guided relaxation can help children to achieve a relaxed body and mind.

Learning to relax and calm yourself is a valuable life skill of self-regulation. Chill Children (Guided Relaxation) is a sensational guided relaxation tool that can help your child learn how to regulate their anxious minds.

Guided Relaxation Designed for Children

While the visualizations within Chill Children are created for children, actually anyone of any age can benefit. Several tracks, such as True Nature and Waterfall of White Light, are universal in that everyone can relate.  This is a wonderful opportunity to join your child on a relaxing journey towards self-regulation.

At the same time, children will delight in wriggling like a Dead Bug, meeting the Worry Witch and going on a Magic Carpet Ride. Based on the practice of Yoga nidra, the listener is effortlessly guided into deep states of relaxation.

Your child can listen to the relaxing stories on Chill Children any time, one at a time or as many as she would like. These calming stories can be utilized during transitions from school to home, before homework or before bed – any time you want to help your child unwind and relax the mind.

Snapshot of Each Story of Guided Relaxation 


Practice notes to help your child get the most out of these guided journeys.

Dead Bug

Physically shake the limbs to release tension from the body.

Shining Star

Feel a point of light touch.  Warm and relax each part of your body.

A Visit With the Worry Witch

Leave all your worries and concerns with the Worry Witch who will stitch them in to her beautiful quilt, leaving your child free to explore a very special place.

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Waterfall of White Light

Feel white energy pouring down into the top of your head and through your child’s body, washing away any tension or bad feelings held within.

Magic Carpet Ride

Take an inspiring journey to a place where your child will feel peaceful, relaxed, safe and protected.

True Nature

Feel all the elements of nature around you, and with in you.

Good Night

Listen in bed to help your mind and body prepare for sleep and drift off into dreams.

Chill Children is a wonderful tool for guided relaxation.  It is a perfect resource to help calm and quiet anxious minds and help children on their journey towards healthy self-regulation.