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Fashion Sensory StyleI can’t believe it’s nearly halfway through the semester: midterms are over, the weather is getting cooler, and the holiday season is right around the corner!

The changes in weather and upcoming holidays lead up to one of my favorite hobbies: fashion. Fall and fashion just go together. The Vogue fall fashion issue is a staple in my room’s literature collection. Although I live in Florida, I look forward to “sweater weather” – as it is the only time of year where sweatpants are socially acceptable for something other than early morning exams.  Short shorts are scarce and I can wear UGG boots without feeling like a slob who ran out of bed and put on slippers disguised as boots.

I share with you my love of fashion because unfortunately for us girls and women on the autism spectrum or with sensory r isms, clothes can be a tricky thing 95% of the time.  A lot of clothing options are uncomfortable.  The materials itch, they are a challenge to wash, may require dry cleaning, or we just don’t find it fashion forward. But there are comfortable and fun trends – or even some trends worth putting up with because they are so cool they can’t be ignored!

Turn the page below to see my favorites…