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creative outlet
Haley’s artwork

Amazing talents and gifts abound in children with various differences.  As a society, we need to not focus so much on the negatives associated with differences.  Instead, let’s stress the positive aspects of those with various exceptionalities.  Many of these positives can be discovered through a creative outlet.

As an individual on the autism spectrum, I have learned that most individuals on the autism spectrum have a great many talents.  Explore these talents.  Encourage the continuation of using these talents. These talents just may be your child’s creative outlet.

Art as a Creative Outlet

My creative outlet is my artwork.  To me, art is everything. For me, art is…

An Escape from Reality

After a stressful day, I can just sit there with my sketchbook or in front of a canvas and draw something.  The world just sort of disappears.

A Relaxation Technique

Everything stressful that happened earlier in the day or anything on my mind just fades away for a bit.  All of my energy goes into whatever I am working on. I feel relaxed.

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A Time Passer

The creative process is intense and fun. I always have a good time.

A Tool to Help Others

As I got older, I began advocating for kids with autism.  I donated my artwork to raise funds for children’s charities involved in raising autism awareness. I love being able to help so many people.  It is rewarding to give families hope and individuals the inspiration to find their own talents.  I always want others to be able to find their “happy place”.

Something Just for Me

I am able to express myself through art.  I am a generally optimistic and happy person.  I think my artwork reflects that side of me. It is bright and colorful with lots of smiling people.

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Seek & You Shall Find – Your Child’s Creative Outlet

Parents, if your kids show any interest in something creative or have a hobby they love, encourage your children to continue pursuing that creative outlet.

For parents of children who have yet to show a creative interest, consider exposing your children to different creative outlets and let them explore.  You never know what talents you may uncover in this creative exploration.

Many people on the autism spectrum are gifted writers, artists, musicians, actors, etc. and all enjoy these creative outlets for a variety of reasons.

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Eternally Grateful

It is with much gratitude to my parents for their incredible support.  My parents were always there to provide me with ideas to improve upon my skills.  They were an ongoing source of encouragement to keep plugging along.  I can’t thank my parents enough for always being there for me throughout this amazing journey called life.

Help your child discover their own creative outlet.  All it takes is a little bit of positive support and the impact will be huge.  Keep searching for hidden talents!