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Hi everyone!

Wow. It’s been such a busy month here. I finished some of the biggest steps of my high school career such as AP exams, prom, and graduation. This month instead of giving tips, tricks and some advice, I want to share a bit about my graduation from high school since it was such a special time in my life.

I waited my entire high school career for this one event…graduation. It meant more than finishing high school to me–it meant that I made it, so to speak. It meant that I’m ready for the next step; every day my family fought for me and supported me paid off. We made it so far.

My Journey
My journey began with a rough diagnosis. When I was four my mom told my speech therapist that I would attend (my current) nationally recognized private high school. The speech therapist laughed and said my mom was chasing the wrong dream. It turned out we were chasing the right dream. And we did more than chase it. I made it through the hardest five years of my schooling there, beginning in the eighth grade and ending as a graduate headed to the University of Florida in the fall. I did more than graduate, too–I graduated with honors from this prestigious place.

The Graduation Ceremony
We made it. We really made it. I made it. That was the thought process during graduation. Sure, the day itself was a bit crazy between hair, makeup, wearing a white dress, being afraid I would stain it, and praying to beat the Florida rain.

My graduation ceremony was composed of two student leaders giving speeches, some awards being given to some students, and of course, the long ceremony for my graduating class comprised of 210 students. Hearing my name was really great and so was receiving my diploma. While the photographers at the event were taking my picture with my diploma, my dad shouted out “Go Gators!”, starting a trend amongst other parents at the ceremony and really proving my high school days were over.

Moving onto College
I don’t feel like I will miss high school. I am too excited for the next big adventure of my life: college. I can’t help but think that “I really made it” when I think back to graduation. All of these years of my parents working with me, overcoming daily challenges, and doing my best really got me somewhere. I hope college graduation four years from now will be just as special.