How to Sneak in Pre-Reading Skills for Young Children

pre-reading-skillsAs a School Psychologist, I often field questions about what parents can do to help a child learn and be ready for school. My answer is simple – read to your child. However, when you have a child with learning, social and/or behavioral challenges reading time can be tricky!

I know what is like to have a child with attending disorders. I clearly recall trying to gather some books for reading time only to have the child racing out of the room as he was mentally ready to go on to the next activity and didn’t want to sit still. So, perhaps parents with children who don’t like to sit and go through conventional books may enjoy these hints to help “sneak in” pre-reading skills to their young children.

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Louise Sattler, NCSP, MS About Louise Sattler, NCSP, MS

Louise is a Nationally Certified School Psychologist and a contributor to the JustAsk forum on She has been teaching American Sign Language for over 20 years and can be found at Signing Families.