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Easter Egg HuntSpring has sprung and soon the “egg”-citement of Easter activities will be all around us. However, sometimes families who have children who experience various challenges might feel left out or unable to join in on some of the festivities. No need to miss out on all the fun. Create your own traditions of Easter fun based on your family’s interests, abilities and needs.  Spur on your creative genius with these five egg-citing ideas:

Community Easter Egg-stravaganza

Perhaps your local library or community center celebrates with an Easter Egg-stravaganza or Easter Egg Hunt. If so, your child might be able to participate.  However, this community-wide event might be too much sensory overload with hundreds of enthusiastic children squealing and scrambling to find eggs. Consider contacting the coordinator and asking if there can be a smaller grass area set aside for those who need a little less commotion to enable them to compete at their own pace in a calmer setting. Or ask if your child can bring a buddy to help them navigate the potential chaos of a big hunt.

Egg-spand Your Learning with Plastic Eggs

Plastic Easter eggs are abundant and cheap during this season. Buy several packages. Break the eggs into halves. You can create many activities with these separate halves.

  • put a lower case letter on one side and an upper case letter on the other
  • create a simple color match activity.
  • teach time by putting a digital time on one half and matching analog clock drawing on the other

There are endless activities with this idea. Use a Sharpie pen to mark the eggs.

Sensory Eggs-Plosion

Create a fun Easter themed sensory bin.

  • start with plastic Easter grass (or shredded paper)
  • add a bunch of little Easter toys that you can buy at the local dollar store
  • add some candy items

Have your child use his hands or little [easyazon_link identifier=”B006RQ8TE0″ locale=”US” tag=”speciism0f-20″]kid-friendly tongs[/easyazon_link] to scoop out the items into an Easter basket.

Egg-sperimenting with various textures is great for sensory learning.

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Egg-Speriment with Peeps

Using the popular marshmallow Easter candy called [easyazon_link identifier=”B007KB2JXI” locale=”US” tag=”speciism0f-20″]Peeps[/easyazon_link], you can create a myriad of scientific experiments and observations. Depending on your child’s abilities:

  • you can test how to melt or dissolve them
  • do tactile comparisons of fresh Peeps compared to melted or wet ones

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Egg-sercise Fun

Take plastic Easter eggs and insert a slip of paper including a movement activity. This will create a fun game of getting active. Examples of movements could be:

  • hop around like the Easter bunny and hide 10 eggs,
  • strut around for 30 seconds bawking like a chicken,
  • toss 15 plastic eggs into an Easter basket and more.

We wish you an “egg-ceptional” blast of a wonderful Easter holiday with these “egg-samples” of kid friendly ideas.  Create your own brand new holiday traditions with your family this Easter!  Share your creative ideas with us over at Facebook.