Sensory Motor Fun in the Snow

Sensory Motor Fun in the Snow

Few things compare to the opportunities for a fun workout than playing in the snow. Get the kids outside and get moving and then warm up with a large mug of hot chocolate. Exercise is beneficial for all children, but has additional benefits for children with sensory processing disorders, low tone and anxiety disorders.

In The Backyard
Simply walking and running in the snow are a good start. Every step requires you to lift your legs higher than usual and you have to work harder to take each step.

Angels In The Snow. Lie down and open and close those arms and legs to move against resistance.

Snow Ball Fight! Building, throwing and dodging snow balls are great exercise.

Build, roll and lift those large snow balls to create a snow man.

Sledding. Speeding down the hill is always fun, but climbing back up pulling a sled is a great workout.

Shoveling. Let the kids help shovel the driveway. Every scoop is a great way to workout the whole body.

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