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Remember the game “I Spy”? Well summer is the perfect time to play this game and many others that cost little to no money. Here are some ideas how to incorporate fun games in to your summertime playtime.

1. “I Spy”

Go on a walk to the playground, the mall on a quiet morning, or anywhere else, and just sit and explore the surroundings. Start the game easy with obvious choices such as an object within a few feet of the child. Add words that would indicate size, color and perhaps movement. For example, “I Spy with my own two eyes a red and round object that can roll.”

2. Picnic

Get out the old tablecloth, blanket, paper plates and have your kids help you make picnic foods to go. What fun to go under a tree and check out the bugs, clouds, flowers and other sights. Consider going on a picnic to a park, a library lawn (followed by a trip inside the library) or even your backyard. Leave your cell phone in the car or at least don’t check it. Appreciate the outdoor time with your kids and have them be your sole focus.

3. Staycation With a Trip to a “Tropical Island”

Have the children dress up as if they are going to the beach. Put on the sprinkler, supervise their play in the pool and blow loads of bubbles! Take out fun toys along with garden tools to help them be creative in a mound of dirt or sand in the backyard. Yes, they will get dirty, but sometimes being dirty is a good thing and educational. Remember, supervision is key when outdoors.

4. Chalk Outdoors

I love chalk. Colored chalk that is big and chunky combined with skinny pieces is a great way to have small and large motor skills work together. Children can draw freehand in tandem with a friend or create a structured game such as hopscotch. And guess what? Because you are drawing outside- no muss, no fuss!

Have a great summer exploring your local area with fun and creative games and activities.