Getting to the “Root” of Haircut Challenges – 5 Tips to Turning a Roller Coaster Ride into a Carousel Ride

cut1Taking a typical child to the hair dresser can be a challenging experience, but adding more “isms” to this experience can change this from a simple errand to a frightening roller coaster ride of sensory and anxiety nightmares. Parents, kids and stylist will all be part of this “Not-So Fun House” experience if you go in without a plan. Here are a few easy and quick tips that might make this scary ride into more of an easy-going carousel ride.

  • Super Cape. The first “new” thing about a beauty salon might be the stylist approaching the child with a hair cutting cape. Take the surprise out of this by supplying your own cape. Prior to your haircut appointment, take your child to the cloth store and pick out a fun fabric of her choosing. Ask the cloth store for an easy way to convert the material into a cape. Or simply go on, search “kid’s hair styling cape” and let her pick out a fun style/pattern. Let her wear it as much as she wants before the set appointment so that she feels comfortable upon arrival to the salon. Tell her it gives her super powers to overcome her fears at the stylist. Also, if your child doesn’t like getting bits of cut hair in her eyes, if she has some swimming goggles that she likes, that might be a fun option too.

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Joanna Keating-Velasco has worked with students with various special needs ages 3 through 22 as a Paraprofessional for over twelve years and is currently specializing in adult transition. She has authored two books, A Is for Autism, F Is for Friend and In His Shoes – A Short Journey through Autism. Learn more about Joanna at A is for Autism.