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Apple-FiberGluten-free grains have plenty of fiber. There are many ways to continue to attain fiber in your diet. Of course fruits and vegetables are a good way to start to add fiber into your daily routine. Several theories exist on the proper amount of fiber needed in the daily diet. Some sources state that a child should have their age plus 5 grams of fiber. The American Dietetic Association recommends,

  • 19 grams for ages one to three,
  • 25 grams for ages four to six,
  • 31 grams for boys ages nine to thirteen and girls 26 grams, of the same age.
Many sources say this is too high and difficult to reach, so use your own judgment. Besides fruits and vegetables, foods that are rich in fiber are:
  • rice,
  • rice pasta,
  • beans,
  • lentils,
  • peanuts.
If your child is not achieving the proper amounts of the above nutrients, look for vitamins or powders, or other ways to replace the missing nutrients in your child’s diet.