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Maintaining the Gluten Free and Casein Free (GFCF) diet within the real world around us can be a challenge. Most people restricting gluten and casein have concerns with eating away from home, whether it’s at a family member’s or friend’s home, out at a restaurant or while vacationing.

The challenge for many is those who do not understand that, “Yes, one tiny crumb or one tiny sip will be detrimental.” It is your job to educate them. If needed, ALWAYS pack a cooler of foods that your child can eat. Always remember cross contamination is HIGH in many places and it is just not worth eating the prepared foods, if someones hand has touched gluten or casein, and then the product on the table.

Even though eating out can be risky, more and more restaurants are getting with the program and providing allergy-free meals. MANY restaurants have even included a Gluten Free menu, along with their regular menu. Some are large chains, some are small chains, and some are even individually owned restaurants. Three restaurants that come to mind are PF Chang’s, Outback, and Claim Jumper. Keep in mind, these are only Gluten Free menus, not ALWAYS Casein Free.

Restaurant Locator

You can often locate a favorite restaurant’s allergy menus online. Reviewing online menus are extremely useful.  For example, you would discover that Outback’s BBQ sauce is free of gluten, but they have milk in it!

There are several web sites dedicated to listing restaurants that cater to a Gluten Free lifestyle. Check out these sites and again, VERIFY that they can make the food GFCF, if needed.


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