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Mother's Day special needsSpecial-Ism honors special needs mothers around the world with a standing ovation.  We all dream what seems to be an impossible dream.  We all fight what seems to be an unbeatable foe.  We bear an unbearable sorrow.  We go where the brave do not go.  We exist to right the unrightable wrong with no question, no pause.  Daily we are willing to march into hell for a heavenly cause.  Hourly, we try when our arms are too weary to reach that “unreachable” star.  For this is OUR quest…to follow that star and the world WILL be better for this.

This Mother’s Day, may your hearts be peaceful and calm.

From our family to yours…a little inspirational gift.  This is Tiffani Lawton’s son, AJ, singing Impossible Dream at the age of 15.  Be inspired..this is a tribute to special needs mothers.

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An “Ism” is our coined term synonymous with a “challenge”. Many children, with or without a diagnostic label, experience various challenges throughout their developmental years which are impacting them in the classroom and at home. At Special-Ism, the Ism is our focus. We do not look at the diagnostic label, instead, we look at the Isms and offer solutions no matter the diagnosis.