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eloper protection Meg had locked the front door as she always had done to prevent her eloper – “escape artist” – 3 year old son from bolting to the great outdoors when she was not looking.  Aiden was intently playing with his cars in the livingroom so Meg seized the opportunity to head to the bathroom.  When she came out, Aiden was nowhere to be found! Her little Houdini figured out how to unlock the door.

It was a Saturday and Greg was off from work tending to his four children while his wife went to the supermarket.  Like Meg, he too had an escape artist.  His home was locked up like Ft. Knox – lock, deadbolt and chain on the front door and the back sliding door had a bar lock up high, out of reach.  All four kids were enjoying a Saturday morning cartoon, so Greg headed to the basement to get a load of laundry going.  When he came back up, the back slider was wide open.  His Houdini figured out how to lift the bar lock by using the kitchen step stool.

Anne had not slept for months because of the constant fear of her 4 year old wandering out of the house in the middle of the night, until….

An Alarm System was Installed

The [easyazon-link asin=”B00032AVN6″ locale=”us”]GE 51107 Smart Home Wireless Alarm System Kit[/easyazon-link] provides detection of entry or exit. These keypad door alarm units can be mounted on most doors and windows. Arming and disarming is done by entering a key code on the key pad.

The alarm sounds at a loud piercing 120 db, comparable to a rock concert in volume.  If you stand next to it, you will want to cover your ears. The piercing 120dB sound will be heard no matter where you are in your house. However, your ability to hear this in other parts of your home will vary on distance and number of doors/walls in between you and the alarm.

Easy to Install

It cannot be any easier to install. Simply mount the door alarm unit to a door using hardware provided and key hole opening on back. Remove double sided tape from the back of the magnet unit. Mount it to the right or left side of door. That’s it!

How it Works

Enjoy the convenience of a keypad-controlled door alarm without the hassle and high price of expensive security systems. The GE Door Alarm with Keypad Control uses magnetic sensors that sound an alarm when the door is opened and contact is broken. The easy-to-install alarm features a convenient keypad that lets you choose your own personal four digit code.

Another great option is to use the added chime mode to sound a tone when someone opens the door, or the delay features that ensure you can safely leave and enter the home without tripping the loud 120dB alarm. The delay feature on the alarm can not be deactivated. There is always a delay before the alarm sounds giving you time to punch in your code. Great for doors, sheds, sliding doors and garages.

Many children with various isms tend to be runners or elopers. As you have seen with Meg, Greg and Anne, children can elusively slip out of the house without their knowledge.  This is a terrifying thought and ongoing fear for parents of escape artists.  There is peace of mind available.  Secure yourself a GE Door Alarm for an added sense of security.  Check out additional ideas to keep your child safe:

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