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MOMS, you are not off the hook from reading this article!  This is not an article just for dads…this an article for everyone, but I want to speak from experience and from the heart…and so as a dad with a child on the autism spectrum…I’ll speak about that.

It’s amazing the response we have received since we first came out with our book, [easyazon-link asin=”1934812986″ locale=”us”]Look at My Eyes[/easyazon-link],  from all sorts of people.  Many of the comments begin with, “well it’s about time someone understood where I’m coming from…” and then go on from there.  Obviously our book has hit a chord with many people who need a guide when first navigating the autism spectrum.

Dad Says…
But what about for dads?  I wrote portions of the book at the last-minute called “Seth Says…” that was meant to talk directly to fathers with special-ism needs children.

Since the book came out about a year ago, I have received a ton of emails, posts, and requests to give input as a father.  WHY?  I’m not anyone special.  I don’t have a degree in anything that would qualify me to be an expert.  I have a 6-year-old boy who is on the spectrum…that’s about it.

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