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May brings extra stress to a child with autism because Mother’s Day can actually be a challenge.  One year, I forgot to write a card or make something special for my mom and I will never do that again.  Moms certainly want to feel appreciated on their special day of the year but for me, picking out presents is really hard to do.

Tips from My Perspective

  1. Dad’s, help your child pick out a gift.
  2. Mom’s, make it clear what you want, subtle hints won’t work.
  3. Please know that gift selection creates anxiety.
  4. Kids, don’t be afraid to ask Mom what she would like for Mother’s Day.
  5. Please don’t tell us to surprise you.
  6. Please don’t tell us that you don’t want anything, if you secretly do.

We are Very Literal
Please try to remember that us kids on the spectrum are very literal people.  We like to have it all laid out for us.  We need to have a clear idea of what will make a good gift for you.  We don’t want to offend you and we do want to make you happy.  After all, you more than deserve to be honored.

An Extra Special Milestone
Graduations can bring a bit of extra stress.  Remember that the last 13 years took lots of work to get to graduation.  My family is so excited for my upcoming high school graduation – we have worked tirelessly to get to this point, and knowing it’s finally here is just amazing in itself.

To the extended family and friends, please understand that unlike a typical family, reaching this milestone has taken extra effort, resources, and special accommodations.  As a family, we have had to overcome all sorts of obstacles that a typical family would not have to experience.  The accomplishment for a child with autism or any type of exceptionality is extra special.  Please try to respect and honor what the family has been through the past 13 years.   Celebrate and have fun!