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gfcf diet hintsMany people want to know little hints to make things a bit easier when they are living a GFCF (Gluten-Free, Casein-Free) lifestyle. Help is on the way!

  • One of my favorite hints, learned from a chef at a Disneyland restaurant, is to use club soda in place of the liquid in pancakes and waffles. (Whole Foods carries a healthy brand of club soda). The soda makes the batter fluffy, airy and very tasty!
  • If your child is not a fan of fruit, try 100% fruit spread. Do not buy the kind with added sugar. The healthy 100% fruit brand uses pear juice to sweeten the jam/jelly. You won’t find any chemical in it either. Of course, organic is always better. Trader Joe’s has a great line of organic 100% fruit spreads, many flavors. Read on…
  • Try smoothies; make them yourself, with frozen or fresh fruit, sorbets, juice, etc. Other options to try are 100% fruit leathers. Again, without added sugar.
  • How do you make hot dogs taste better and juicer? First off, again..stay away from those that have MSG, artificial anything and chemicals, especially nitrites and nitrates. They are BAD news and unhealthy for many reasons. There are many healthy, 100% natural hot dogs on the market. To get the best flavor, boil them in water.
  • When using a thermos, which is a GREAT way to provide hot meals while your kids are at school, boil water first in the microwave, in a glass container, or on the stove. Poor the water, once boiled, into the thermos and close the top tight. Next heat the leftovers, or soup, or whatever your child enjoys. Once it is hot, pour out the water from the thermos and load up the thermos with the food. It is now ready to go to school. Don’t forget a spoon or fork!