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ABA TutorIs your child getting what they need from their ABA therapy?  Do you find yourself with a new tutor every couple of months?

Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) is the science of human behavior.  ABA is a therapeutic process of applying interventions based on the principle of learning theory with a goal of improving socially significant behaviors. (1)

ABA Tutors generally work within an ABA team.  The ABA consultant leads the program and the ABA tutor administers the therapeutic plan serving as as the consultant’s aid.  The ABA tutor carries out the behavior plan created for the child. Due to the high cost of a highly trained professionals, consultants aren’t usually the ones who work with the child one-on-one. That is the job of the ABA tutor.

Many families experience challenges in maintaining the relationship with their ABA tutors.  Maintaining the relationship is the key to success with ABA Therapy as consistency is paramount.  Eliminate the barriers to a successful relationship with your ABA Tutor from the start and reap the benefits of successful ABA Therapy for your child.

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