How Does Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer Make You Feel?

rudolphWhen I was a kid, I would excitedly wait for that one special week when all the beloved Christmas shows would air. We did not have DVDs or videos of any form for that matter. We had to wait until it aired live on television.

However, when Rudolph aired, I would feel very sad for Rudolph as all the other reindeer teased him for his shiny red nose. See, I was born with a strawberry birthmark on my left jaw. Think the kids had fun with that? Indeed they did. I completely identified with Rudolph, recognized the mean reindeer in a lot of kids and adults but felt empowered to be unique and special. When I was 11 years old, for my birthday I asked to have the birthmark removed. The kids were endeared by my courage to undergo surgery to fix the problem of which they all teased me about. Then all the reindeer loved me…

Rudolph and Bullying
Then I grew up and had my own children. As I would watch Rudolph every year with each of my kids, I would cringe, the protective mom in me would emerge. I would find myself getting angry at the portrayal of Santa who seemed to support the bullies. With bullying becoming such a pervasive problem in today’s society, I simply cannot watch it, even though, it, along with other stories, empowered positive change within me. I feel that it in some way condones the bullying behavior.

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  • Judy Endow

    Loved reading the story behind Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer!

  • Terri Baker

    I guess there is a little bit of Rudolph the Reindeer in everyone. Here’s to acceptance of all Rudlophs in 2013

  • Marge Blanc

    Thank you for taking the time to share so much during this busy season! This explanation answers so many questions!

  • gbollard

    I’d never want to stop Rudolph from being shown but I do agree that Santa seems to support the bullying. I think it’s a positive story overall though which says among other things;

    1. There are lots of misfits in society, for lots of reasons.
    2. Everyone, misfit or not, can contribute.
    3. Even misfits, can fit. Somewhere.

    I’m very grateful for the back story though. I sort of knew bits and pieces but having it laid out here is much better. It’s a great and inspiring story in itself.

  • Special-Ism

    Thank you Gavin for your thoughtful comments. Overall, it is a good story for exactly all the reasons you cite. I love Bob May’s story too!

  • Special-Ism

    Thanks Judy! It is inspiring, eh?

  • Special-Ism

    I will second that toast!