4 Free Resources to Help Develop Your Child’s Social Skills

Many children with special needs experience difficulties with their social life.  These problems can continue through adulthood and cause a person much grief. It is important to understand why your child may be rejected so that you can help her develop the skills necessary for friendships. Impulsivity, aggression, academic problems, inattention, and bad behavior can contribute to poor social outcomes for children with ADHD (Kane, A.). Many parents know these social outcomes can occur for their kids who have various other special needs, too.

There are lots of good resources for developing your child’s social skills and many are free! Here are just four:

  1. Anthony Kane, in his free Parenting Difficult Children: Teaching Social Skills video, explains that children with ADHD, learning disabilities, and other special needs have difficulties generalizing what they learn in one environment to a new environment. He describes how a parent can prepare their child for upcoming social situations.

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Using her research background, Danette founded S-O-S Research to provide information on "invisible" special needs to parents, teachers, and other professionals. Currently she is Executive Editor at Special-Ism, focusing on the challenges or the -Isms experienced by children with various special needs, such as high functioning autism, ADHD, anxiety, mental illness, and Sensory Processing Disorder.