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Let’s discuss how to pay better attention while in class. This may seem obvious to most of you, but for a kid with ASD, nothing is obvious. The following key tips can help:

Sit in the front row of the classroom.

The front row eliminates all the distractions of the kids in front of you, behind you, and you are forced to look straight ahead. It’s much easier for teachers to catch you paying attention and for them to keep you on track if you are up front.

Seek strict and organized teachers.

These teachers hold the reins and will keep EVERYONE focused, thus you won’t be distracted. If you are, you may fear the consequences and that may keep you on track.

Get a good night’s sleep and eat breakfast.

If you’re sleepy and hungry, you will have a hard time focusing and falling asleep in class is even worse than not paying attention! Make sure you go to bed at a decent time, wake up, eat breakfast and be ready to start the day.

Meet up prior to first day.

I feel that a meeting with the parents, students and teacher prior to the first day of school is invaluable. It is wise to discuss your child’s strengths and weaknesses with the teacher so that pitfalls can be avoided.