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A natural disaster can affect many individuals and leave them without power, and possibly having to evacuate their homes. A disaster is hard for anyone, especially children, and it is even harder if you are a child or have a child with special needs such as autism. Change is very hard for individuals with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), who often need predictability and enjoy having their routine. Unfortunately their routine may be interrupted by things that are a direct result of a disaster such as a loss of power, having to evacuate, etc. Your child may have to sleep somewhere different, have to adjust to different, new surroundings quickly, not have their toys and comfort items to play with, and go with the flow.

Activities to Keep Children Busy
Here are some tips from a young adult with an ASD. I have never experienced a disaster like a hurricane, but I can not even imagine. I have listed some activities that I enjoy that can be done with very little materials. The simple materials below can be used for many things. i also have listed some activities that require no materials at all.