Calming Your Child During a Natural Disaster

Swinging is known to have a calming effect on the nervous system. The rhythmical movements and repetitive pattern gives steady, even input to the vestibular system. It is soothing and calming.

Yoga Can Replicate the Benefits of Swinging
If you have been affected by natural disaster, you may be trapped in your home or temporary housing and not able to get your child outside to swing. The yoga tradition offers a practice that replicates the rhythmical movements of swinging. This practice is known as “Sun Salutations”. It can be another wonderful way to feed your child’s nervous system, soothing sensory input.

This sequence of movements is used to warm up the muscles, loosen the limbs and prepare the body and mind for the yoga poses (asanas). Not only does this practice sooth and organize the nervous system, the rhythmical movement develops body awareness and coordination.

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Mira has a degree in Child Psychology and is a certified yoga teacher, yoga therapist, and co-founder of <a href= Global Family Yoga™, a teacher-training program based in Chicago, focusing on children and families.