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Even if we are fortunate enough to escape a natural disaster’s devastating physical impact, simply being near or part of a disaster can cause anxiety and stress. Even if our children are safe from the direct bearing of a storm, floodwaters, or wildfire, their demeanor may reflect our concerns or what they see on the news or photos they see in the paper. Or, if you are close enough physically to the damage, they might see the actual devastation in your neighborhood. What if your family is safe and sound, but the images around them are not? Sometimes taking initiative to pitch in and help those around you can reduce some of this anxiety while also giving your family a feeling of community and accomplishment.

How Can You and Your Family Respond?

Provide Power for Your Neighbors

  • For those in your area where no power is available, extend a multiple power outlet strip from your front yard which will enable neighbors to charge their phones or other electronic devices.
  •  If you have extra batteries or flashlights in your house, but you have power, put out a box of “free batteries/flashlights” for others to utilize.
  • Food is power too. Are there emergency workers or neighbors doing strenuous work to help clean up the area? Offer them some granola bars or snacks to boost their energy while they do the work.