A Basic Musical Instrument Provides Many Benefits, Part 1

recorder1It’s summertime, so how about trying something fun and different with your child, but still with therapeutic benefit. We have professional insights from a music educator and a speech therapist about using the recorder, a basic instrument, to provide benefits for your child. Read on…

Selecting a Musical Instrument

Orly Zalel is a developmental musician, music teacher, post-natal specialist and the creator of the Musical Baby Bonding program. Here is what she has to say:

“Choosing a musical instrument for our children is a very exciting thing and can be discussed from various perspectives: the tendencies of the child, his or her character, the style of parenting, the age of the child and, more importantly, his or her developmental stage.

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Special-Ism About Special-Ism

An "Ism" is our coined term synonymous with a “challenge”. Many children, with or without a diagnostic label, experience various challenges throughout their developmental years which are impacting them in the classroom and at home. At Special-Ism, the Ism is our focus. We do not look at the diagnostic label, instead, we look at the Isms and offer solutions no matter the diagnosis.