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musical benefitsWith the holidays just around the corner, many children and parents are thinking about celebrations and gifts.  As you do, I encourage you to think about music.

Holiday concerts provide a great opportunity to introduce your child to music (with, of course, a few prior considerations made for keeping sensory overload at bay).  They also offer a way for your child to showcase their own musical talents.

Holiday gift-giving season presents a perfect opportunity for introducing or encouraging musical exploration in your child.  You might offer your child music therapy sessions right in your home, such as those discussed by Music Educator, Marlene Cooper-Williams.  Or, you could introduce a new instrument, such as a recorder, handbells, or chimes.

You could also add to your collection of sensory CD’s with one like Danceland or 28 Instant Songames.

Alternately, you could offer the ever-precious gift of time by spending some extra time with your children playfully exploring unusual instruments online or getting silly jamming on the drums.

There are so many ways that music can improve skills and enhance life for our special children with isms.  Research evidences that it can…

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