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As we approach Thanksgiving I have been pondering my life. After 13 years of homeschooling, thoughts about my homeschool journey always shine brightly. I love homeschooling my precious little boys, and I am especially grateful that I began my journey before I even knew that I had children with learning differences. I’m sure it would have frightened me had I known ahead of time. But, with the journey already underway when I discovered their Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD), as well as being part of an incredible educational community that has so many resources available to help me educate my children, the path has been a rewarding one. There is nothing in this world that can explain what it feels like to watch your child who struggles to process information grasp and understand a concept that they’ve had to work hard to master.

A large part of what has helped my family discover the rewards of homeschooling in recent years has been our choice of curriculum: Time4Learning. It’s given us joy and success!

Yes, Time4Learning completely changed our lives in 2007. After ten years of homeschooling I came in thinking we were going to use this online program as a supplement to our core curriculum.


Within the first day, my children fell in love with Time4Learning! They adore its strong interactive graphics. In the early days, I found myself having to kick them off the computer, because I didn’t want them to work too far ahead of where I could monitor what they were doing.

By the first weekend after starting to use Time4Learning, I decided to let go our workbooks in order to try this new system exclusively for one year. I worried and fretted off and on throughout that year because it seemed almost too easy. My children would log on, play (ahem) I mean do their lessons (smile) and log off. It was that easy. My children were truly engaged and learning.

And me? I fell in love with Time4learning because, for the first time, I had a program that did all my record keeping and grading for me. HEART BE STILL! (grin) However, admittedly, as the time drew closer to our year-end testing, I began to feel panic, worrying that I had just taken the easy way out. There was NO WAY schooling could be this fun and easy, especially when I thought about the ten years I had already invested and how hard I had to work to help my CAPD children grasp materials.

Imagine my shock and surprise when after four hours of testing using the PIAT and WRAT 4, I found out that my boys had made more academic gains than they EVER had before.

Three years later and we love Time4Learning more than ever before. Why? Well, most importantly, because the boys enjoy doing school and I enjoy watching them fly!

But also because:

  •  The strong interactive graphics add invisible velcro to help the information stick and stay put within their brain!
  • The curriculum teaches my children how to be in the drivers’ seats of their own education by encouraging independent learning!
  • The immediate feedback when my children get an answer right or wrong keeps them motivated to keep going.
  • Online record keeping does all my grading and recording and it’s available at the click of a button.
  • There is flexibility for my children to work at their individual grade levels from subject to subject.
  • Customer service is outstanding.
  • Online forums make me feel connected and part of a strong community.

So, yes, as I look back on the past thirteen years, I am filled with gratitude. Homeschooling is a truly something I love! I am also filled with wonder. I cannot imagine how much more difficult homeschooling journeys were – especially those including children with learning differences – for those who walked before me, those who didn’t have the resources and tools available to us today. I know mine was certainly laced with more challenges before we found Time4Learning! I cannot recommend the curriculum enough. If you have children that love online learning, strong graphics and interactive feedback, then you will LOVE Time4learning!