Oral-Motor Activity: Blow the Sheep Out of the Pen

Oral-Motor Activity: Blow the Sheep Out of the Pen

oral motor Have kids who crave oral-motor input?  Here’s a fun little oral-motor activity to help kids satisfy that craving.

Play a quick game of “Blow the Sheep Out of the Pen”.

Gather up some straws, cotton balls and a hula hoop.

Throw a handful of cotton balls into the hula hoop placed on the floor.

Then have your child use a straw to blow the “sheep” (cotton balls) out of their “pen”.

Even more fun, use a mini trampoline as your “pen”. As in the image to the left, set the goal to blow all the “sheep” outside the red line.

Expand on this fun and add additional challenges.  There are lots of variations to this activity:

Change Up the Blowers

Each of these options provide a unique sensation and require different amounts of effort.

Give the Sheep a New Pen 

Our occupational therapist gave us a very simplistic illustration of a pen to use so you can simply draw out your pen on a large piece of paper.  Get creative!  We found the trampoline, the table, and chairs to be fun too.

On Your Mark, Get Set, Go! 

Race those little sheep! Get a small group together and see who can get their sheep out of the pen the fastest!

With a little imagination and a few inexpensive materials, you’ll be on your way to some fantastic oral-motor input!