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As busy parents and caregivers of children with special needs, we tend to expend our energy away from ourselves and into the constant care, loving and duties of our children.

As a writing coach, in the field of poetry therapy, I have the opportunity to inspire parents and caregivers to stop for a moment and reflect on their inner journey through writing. Our inner voices are too often filled with should and have to, and not good enough. What if we were to stop and write a love poem to ourselves; to allow us a moment to be proud of all that we do; to have loving compassion for the moments of our challenging days?

The following is a poem I wrote to myself on just one of those days. As you read it, where do you find yourself in this poem? What are the messages you need to hear today from your loving self?

I encourage you to stop for a moment, and write yourself a love poem. It might surprise you, delight you, or bring you to tears. This is the power of inner expression. Give yourself the gift of a few minutes of solitude, a pen, paper, and the healing of your own words. Turn to page 2 for a beautiful poem…