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A Path to Courage“Feelings are real and legitimate: children behave and misbehave for a reason, even if adults cannot figure it out.”  ~ Anonymous

A certain level of fear is healthy and necessary for human survival. It alerts us to danger and activates the necessary hormones for our bodies to react appropriately. When a child’s fears are consistently exaggerated with no basis in reality, or their responses continually exceed what is required in the situation, intervention is indicated. At this stage the child’s anxieties hinder his/her lifestyle and day-to-day functioning, usually causing disruption in select domains of her/his life.

A Path from Anxiety to Courage is a comprehensive manual intended for social workers, teachers, child and youth workers, therapists, psychologists, counselors, and other mental health service providers working with children and parents who are affected by anxiety.

What’s Inside?

A Path from Anxiety to Courage answers questions, such as:

Which skills will help children cope with their anxieties?

How do I set up a support program for children struggling with various types of anxiety?

How can I find anxiety support resources?

How do I involve and support parents?

Take a peek inside this resourceful book and review the table of contents.

“A Path from Anxiety to Courage offers a superbly practical and creative approach to assisting children and their teachers and parents. Its strategies skillfully ease the struggles of facing anxiety. Co-authors, Patricia Cawley and Elizabeth Birch Brown have worked collaboratively with immense patience and competence with many children to develop this exceptional program from a wealth of firsthand experience.

This manual is a remarkable undertaking and a much-needed professional contribution to the field. It is a “must have guide” for anyone working with children diagnosed with anxiety disorders and those with symptoms of anxiety who have yet to be assessed.” ~ Barbara Susan Booth, M.A. C.PSYCH.

About the Authors

Patricia Cawley Reid, B.A. in Fine Art and Literature, Art Therapist, Child and Youth Worker with Social Work and Play Therapy Training, has worked as an art therapist in private practice, as an expressive arts therapist, conducting group work with child victims of torture and trauma, and as a child and youth worker in the public education system. She has specialized working exclusively with anxious children, and facilitates groups for children who have lost a family member. Cawley Reid presently works for a large southern Ontario school board, where she continues to work with children experiencing anxieties, as well as many other issues.

Elizabeth Birch Brown, Teacher, M.A. in Education, B.A. in Psychology, spent most of her career teaching Special Education Programs including speech and language, learning disabilities, behaviour, and gifted. She spent 15 years as a Special Education Consultant for a large southern Ontario school board, as well as six years as a school administrator. For the last four years of her teaching career Birch Brown worked exclusively with children who had been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder.

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