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exercise 1No matter the motivation behind increasing physical activity, success will be had if you get the whole family moving together.  The more a family can build movement into their daily schedule, the more the children will develop that habit for the rest of their lives.  They say that a body in motion stays in motion, plus think of all the sensory benefits that can be attained through movement activities.

The following tips were adapted from the the Smart Moves for Families handout from the American Physical Therapy Association designed to help families stay active and incorporate physical activities into their daily lives:

• Plan weekend family activities involving physical activity, such as hiking, swimming, bicycling, mini-golf, tennis, or bowling.
• Help your child plan physical activities with friends and neighbors, such as skating or softball.
• Have your kids brainstorm a “rainy day” game plan of indoor activities involving fitness games such as Wii Fit or Dance Dance Revolution.
• Remember that your family does not need to join a health club or buy fancy equipment to be active. Walking isn’t costly and it’s easy. So is designing a backyard obstacle course. Weights can be made from soda or detergent bottles filled with sand or water!

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