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Finals exams have ended. Teacher gifts handed out. All lockers are emptied. Now, what to do with all the school projects, writing assignments, books, etc. that have been collected throughout the school year.

I have a clear storage box in my attic, full of school projects, artwork, and such. After my kids hit third grade, this box was overflowing. I had only kept the schoolwork that I deemed important or sentimental to save. I needed to come up with a better solution to store the schoolwork since my box was overflowing and I had many more school years left for my kids.

Take Pictures
Take pictures of the projects that are bulky and difficult to store. Storing pictures is a lot easier than storing the actual project. Not only do I save room but I can still keep the image of the school project when it was at its best with the picture. Any of us who have tried to store the kids projects know that over the years, the projects become tattered and torn, which almost forces the decision to throw it out.

Toss the Old Notebooks
Don’t save old subject notebooks from older siblings for younger siblings to study from. Over my years of working with children, there is only a small percentage of younger siblings who actually use their older siblings old notebooks as a study guide. I’ve heard many comments from parents like, “ I’m going to keep Jane’s chemistry notebook for David, when he takes chemistry in three years.” First of all, the parent has decided to hold onto this book for the next three years and has to find a storage place for it. Secondly, many times the parent’s forget that they’ve even saved the notebooks.

Save the Flashcards 
Save old flashcards. These flashcards are great to pass down to younger siblings for studying tools. They’re easy to store (recipe box or photo storage box) and can be utilized again by high school students who decide to take AP courses.

Summer Assignments
Be mindful of a reading list and other schoolwork required during the summer. When school ends, kids go into shutdown mode as far as school is concerned. They just spent weeks studying for finals and finishing school projects so they could end the school year on a positive note. The last thing they want is to discuss any type of schoolwork required of them during the summer. As the parent, you need to help your child be mindful that a time management plan should be drawn up to chunk the required work throughout the summer. Don’t let August come, and your child hasn’t opened any of their reading books!

Summertime is a favorite to most people. Whether is be sifting through the school work from the past year or setting up a time management plan for summer work, getting motivated to start a project in the summer that is school related can be challenging. Keep focused on your goal and realize that if you set up a good time management plan, the work will not seem overwhelming.