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scooter board collectionKids love riding on scooter boards during gym class or recess.  In gym, kids play all sorts of fun games like scooter trains, scooter tag, scooter hockey and races.  Scooters offer excellent sensory input and core strength building.  Bring home the therapeutic fun and play all sorts of scooter board games in your basement, driveway or other safe flat smooth surface.  Pick up more than one for neighborhood friends or playdates!

Look for a scooter board with the widest surface area to prevent accidents.  Scooters with safety handles are optimal to prevent hand injuries during play.  Handles help promote balance and stability while riding on the scooter.  Sit on it, kneel on it, or lay on your belly and get the sensation of flying!

If you are concerned about floors getting scuffed or scratched, look for scooter boards with non-marking rubber swivel casters.

Scooter boards are relatively inexpensive, typically under $35, and they are easily stored and transported. Scooter boards are great for building kids’ core muscles, they provide good vestibular and proprioceptive input, and they are really, really fun.

As briefly mentioned above you can see that there are so many fun activities you can do with scooter boards. Occupational Therapist, Linda Kramer of Children’s Therapy Services recommends the following fun ideas to use with scooters.


We have 3 scooter boards and often have races in the kitchen, where there is no carpeting and plenty of space. The kids often race each other for some imaginary prize, but they like it the best when one of us parents join in the fun.

Ski Run

The kids use toilet plungers—ones that we bought exclusively for therapy—like ski poles to pull themselves around the floor while they sit cross-legged on the scooter boards. This is much more difficult than it sounds. We sometimes have them scoot to one side of the room, pick up an object and bring it back, all while “skiing” with the plungers.

Bungee Scooting

We hook bungee cords on our kitchen cabinet handles on either side of the room. You could also install hooks on the walls that you could attach the cords to. The kids pull on the bungee cord while they are sitting on the scooter board so that when they let go, they will go racing across the room. They can do this activity while sitting or while lying on their bellies. Either way, it is a great core strengthener.

Tower Crash

Have your child sit on their bottom and use his feet to push the scooter board. When they get to the end of the room, take a big cardboard block or a ball and put it between his legs and then scoot to other side of room. Take the blocks and stack them up and after several times, the child can then fly into the tower of blocks, knocking them over.

Simple Scooting

Just have the child use the scooter board to get around from one place to another or one station in an obstacle course to another. Kids can sit on the scooter and use their feet to propel them, or they can lie on their bellies and use their hands to scoot. However they decide to propel themselves, it’s a fun way to get around!

After finding a safe scooter as recommended above, your child can garner excellent sensory input and build core strength. The ideas for scooter board play are endless!

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