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self-careAs parents of a child or children with various isms, you spend lots of time focused on their needs. Therapy appointments, school appointments, doctor’s appointments, etc. are just a few examples you know all too well. You may spend lots of time researching your child’s condition, planning and cooking special meals, and on top of that you have all the other duties of being a parent.  So, I ask – what have you done for you lately?  Self-care is just as important as care of your child if not more important.  Taking care of yourself allows you to offer the best version of you.

Take Time for You!

In order to be the best parent you can be, you simply must take time for yourself. Oh yes, you’ve been told that since you were expecting your first child. But have you really done it? You spend all this time on your child because you want to provide the best for him, but by taking time for yourself, you will provide the best of YOU for him. That’s what your child wants and needs more than anything else.  This is your reminder!

Self-Care Ideas to Achieve Inner Peace

Below you will discover a few self-care suggestions to achieve inner peace, however, don’t be limited to this list. You have your own ideas of what brings you peace – pull those ideas and interests out from the cobwebs in your brain and get cracking!

A Good Book

Whether you like to read or listen to a good book, if you have not done this in a while, head off to the library.  Perhaps a new release that is inspirational or maybe an old fiction – find one that grabs your attention and allow it to whisk you away from all the stress in your life, if only for a little bit at a time.

Ask friends or librarian for their recommendations.  Or search for the current best sellers below.


Get outside and go for a walk, a run or a bike ride.  Fresh air and sunshine are grounding – consider it self-regulation for you.  If you’re able to start your day with some form of physical exercise in the great outdoors, you will set the groundwork for a fabulous day.

Bath Time

Yes, us parents need bath time too! A nice relaxing bath away from all the stress.  If you so desire, go all out and pamper yourself.  Light some candles, add some soothing essential oils, sip on a relaxing cup of tea – relax yourself for a good night sleep. Explore some suggestions below.

Consider Yoga

Look for a yoga class in your area. Some yoga facilities will let you take one class free to see if you like it. Heck, even yoga by way of On Demand or a DVD.  Yoga releases the tension in your body.  Yoga relaxes you like nothing else.  Never done yoga? No worries, just look for a beginners yoga.

Special Interest

Take a class in something that interests you.  Ensure it is something unrelated to your children.  Maybe it’s a cake decorating class, a cooking class, an art class, a music or dance class. Many colleges and universities offer classes like these at a low cost.

Night Out

Plan for and look forward to a night out with friends.  If a night out is not doable, consider a lunch or a meet up for coffee.


Learn and practice meditation.  It’s as simple as picking up a guided meditation CD or even easier, a download, and push play.  Sit on your couch, in your favorite chair or in the bath, and do a little escaping.  Meditation doesn’t have to be about incense and sitting palms-up. It’s all about having your brain go into a deep state of relaxation.  We can all use moments like that!

I know that some parents head off to the grocery store or run other errands alone.  Sure, it’s far less stressful than doing it with kids in tow, however, this does not count as “me” time.

Self-Care Challenge

On a regular basis, it is important for you to practice one or more of these self-care activities in order to maintain the positive results that you get from your “me time.”

I challenge you to write one or more of these self-care activities on your calendar EVERY DAY for one month. By writing or typing these activities into a calendar, you are more likely to follow through.  If you do one activity every day for a month, you will begin to see the results in you and your family.  You will be more likely to maintain the practice.

If you don’t take time for yourself, who will? When you do take these little segments of time, the whole family benefits. You will be happier.  In turn your kids and other people in your life will pick up on that positive energy.  It’s a win-win.